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Education is critical to success, and everyone recognises its significance. There are so many possibilities to explore education industry, with a serving purpose as well as to facilitate the existing institutions. We can design and develop a website for your educational establishment. Our experts can implement search engine optimization strategies to elevate your website to the top of search engine results pages.
We can make your education plans and objects all viral on social media with the new ideas by the SMM experts. Be with us and have the exposure that is must for your education plan…!!


MavenUp Creatives understands the virtual presence of healthcare facilities. How to contact you for urgent appointments in general medical fields, dentistry, hospitals, pharmacy billing and orders. You can ask our digital marketing experts to facilitate your healthcare unit, being into limelight with their effective policies and strategies. The healthcare business domain is rapidly getting digitalized and you will see the best results for sure. Contact us at any stage for website design and development or for post-launch online marketing.



The travel and tourism industries are no longer based in physical locations. You can find plenty of travel consultants and tour operating firms with best websites and tour plans. Why you lag behind in this domain when there is so much of a revenue scope in this particular business field. Get on board for discussion as your market scope, and what sort of website or web pages you like us to develop. Then we will devise a strategy as how to bring in your travel business into limelight, with the help of experts that our SEO technicians carry along.


Social Media Marketing is phenomenal in terms of reaching to potential customers who were mere audiences before. The social platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. will give you an instant recognition. You scope of earning out of your business increase to far greater level with social engagements leading to orders for products and services that you offer on the E-commerce portals or general websites. Keep intact with our Social Media Managers for thriving to be best amongst the competitors in any business that you are into…!!



Business Startups have always been a nervous point from even the ace experts. Each new business venture is vulnerable to new risks and competitors. We at MavenUp Creatives, make a thorough search of your area with demographic analysis, what your competitors are offering, and the average income range of the inhabitants. It all counts to great deal in Business Plans that we devise for each of our client. There is no set framework as for every startup; the need to understand the businessman’s psyche is as important as of the clients. Then our financial business analysts will roadmap a business prospect that fits in to your initial budget plan.


E-Commerce Industry in on boom and the trend will not slow down as the ease of access, order placement and payment at the customer’s convenience has made it a first choice. Life has become so irrationally busy and the virtual tours and platforms are highly in use. So, you need to go for the clickable shop on this online world. Get your share of profit and earn greater return on investment with our easy way E-commerce website design. The search engine ranking of your ecommerce website is also our concern if you avail our SEO Services anywhere in the USA or abroad.



Finance is the backbone of any industry, and having sufficient funds in your side pocket demonstrates your entrepreneurial spirit and vigour. That is the major reason for us to keep a whole team of certified Bookkeeping experts on our panel. Once you reach us for the business startup or the later growth then our finance masters will devise the budgeting, auditing, profit and loss statement, income statement, balance sheets. Our software development team can add value to your business with finance based apps and software solution that are highly in demand these days.


The Business Intelligence Solutions are subject to case sensitive software, modules and mobile apps. You can get virtual spread sheets of the budgets, timesheets, employee records, payroll, attendance charts, and financial calculators for pre-assessment of leaping out for a new business. If you want to expand the existing business then our finance experts, business analyst team along with the software developers will have a meeting with you. They will understand your business goal, and will be able to guide you properly due to vast experience of developing business intelligence tools for many clients as per requirements.


The entertainment industry is so vast that it is impossible to dive into every aspect of it. The M&E industry in the United States is spending billions of dollars and earning more. Once you have decided to be into the entertainment industry with a vision to open a film production house, television or radio shows, musical concert organization, event management, book publishing, and lots more. Our business plans are contingent upon the interest of your entertainment industry. Then at little later stage your “Business Name” will be highlight with our digital marketing experts, making a brand new website for having a virtual profile.


MavenUp Creatives is comprised of a skilled staff members who are too good at video game development and maintenance. The sports and gaming industry is vast and you can get into it with our expert services that will provide a platform for growth. The gaming arenas both physical and virtual ones are developed, and then oy business plan will call you for certain action, and investment that is going to grow. Look for the best scopes of sports and gaming, and how much help you need from our business analysts, and then the social media campaigns, Google ads and E-commerce websites that will enable the buyers to purchase the online gaming products with quite an ease, and at affordable package deal.