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Do you have a newspaper or magazine? Turn their pages and pause as soon as you see an ad. Anyone who has done this has studied graphic design. A term that is being talked about the most. Pictures have a significant impact today, and if handled well, they can send messages that have a profound effect on the people who view them. Improve the quality of a product, sell an item, and promote a service.

What is graphic design?

Would you like to be the author of some of the creations that you have been able to explore on your own? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Studying and training in graphic design are very crucial. You are in a highly competitive world where many more people like you will be getting into graphic design. However, you certainly have something unique to offer. We all have it. Just find what it is and improve it.

Graphic design is “a discipline responsible for delivering a particular message with images, aimed at a specific audience and with clear objectives.” To achieve all this, you will need specific resources and tools.

Although this type of design has always been important, it has become essential with the rise of technological devices. Information seekers want to find awesome photos that get their attention without waiting too long, and that’s not easy. You have to play with colors, choose the right font and compete with Photoshop. It looks fun! Does not it?

Importance of Graphic Design

A good graphic design gives your customers a good impression at first.

Your logo design controls how your customers view your business. If you have an interest or difficulty understanding a logo, your audience may not be interested in your name or company.

On the other hand, if you have a fun and unique logo design, people will love it and will probably remember it.

Besides, a well-designed graphic design ensures visual stability through all marketing efforts and helps build a corporate identity and enhance its reputation.

Graphic Design Basics

Within graphic design, you are going to have to start familiarizing yourself with many concepts that will be useful for your work. Knowing them will give you a certain advantage and help you save a lot of time. You will not have to search for them on Google, which does not always give you the clearest and easiest answer. So here are some that should start to ring a bell:


It is the type of letter whose shape, size, and model can be good for one design but not for another. You will always have to do several tests before finding the right font.

Color theory: 

You will have to know which colors can be combined and which ones cannot, how they complement each other and how to play with the nuances.


This concept will be useful to you since it is a series of photomontages on which to test and obtain various results to show to a client.


It is also known as corporate identity. It will allow you to adjust the design to what the brand wants to convey. For example, it is sustainable.

Graphic design has utility in both physical and digital media.

Types of graphic design

You are almost an expert in defining what graphic design is, don’t you think? Well! Now is the time for you to delve a little deeper into this wonderful world. To do this, you will learn about the types of design that exist because there is not just one! Maybe this is what you thought until now, but we are sorry to disappoint you. Graphic design has a lot to offer you, and we are going to see it now.

  • Editorial design or catalog design

What is editorial graphic design? This type of design focuses on the preparation of catalogs, magazines, books, or brochures, where your main task will be to take care of the layout, photography, and design. There is a lot of work here. The main objective of the catalogs is to present products or services to potential customers. You will work on the aesthetic quality, as well as the harmony of colors and text.

  • Web and mobile design

Another type of graphic design that is in wide demand is web and mobile. It is essential to work with a website that is always responsive, that is, that adapts to different screens such as tablets or mobiles. In this way, you can ensure that users have a good experience when entering the web page you have designed. This has several outputs.

  • Photography

You may think that graphic design and photography are two opposite worlds, but you are wrong. Your duty as a professional will be to choose the right photo so that it causes the impact that your client wants. Remember that images convey ideas and sensations and attract a specific audience. So, photography will be present in your career as a graphic designer.

  • Illustration

Related to the above are the illustrations. These are images or drawings usually accompanied by some text that reinforces the idea that they are transmitting. They have great visual value and are useful for creating infographics. Not everything is always linked to photographs in graphic design. Sometimes illustrations are a very powerful tool.

  • 3D design

The 3D design is a new concept that serves to define the graphic design with which volume is played. As you can imagine, the result is much more striking and attracts the attention of a greater number of people. 

  • Corporate Design

Perhaps this is one of the branches of graphic design that has been talked about the most. The corporate design represents a company, its values, and its identity. For this reason, it is very important to work it well. Thus, it is possible to offer a uniform and careful image of the organization that manages to gain the trust of its clients. You will learn a lot.

  • Packaging design

The package in which a customer receives his product will mark a before and after in his decision to continue trusting the brand. As a graphic designer, you will have to contribute all your knowledge so that a company’s packaging transmits confidence and happiness. A careful, clean, and sustainable design is usually key for repeat customers with another purchase.

  • Graphic design for companies

With regard to companies, graphic design has a fundamental value for them. By working on this part, they will be more attractive to their customers and differentiate themselves from the competition. The design must be adapted to each brand, not copy or be based on others that have been successful. This does not usually work. You always have to look for originality to transmit the essence of each company.


Graphic design has had a long journey, and many movements have left an important mark on it. Now we can have better results thanks to the advancement in technology, but we still have to look back to consider the once successful references. Although you may not believe it now, they are useful and give you many ideas.

A graphic designer never stops learning because, in this sector, there are always changes. New techniques and ideas will continue to appear to make graphic design work better. We have an example with minimalist graphic design, but how many other trends can appear in the coming years? Nobody knows. However, keep an eye on the blog of our graphic design company.


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