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Whether you are a business person who wants to create a brand new website or an established brand that wants to change its existing website, you probably already know that building a website is not easy. And if you have the wrong set of assumptions in mind, it’s even harder.

The purpose of this post is to dispel the most widespread myths about web page design. If you find some of these beliefs trivial, don’t feel bad. Website building is complex and challenging, and these web design myths are often spread by hobbyists with little knowledge of web development.

As in all fields of knowledge, there are many web design myths that we should not fall into when creating a page. Some exaggerate good practices that you must have, but others are straight from the sleeve.

Main myths of web design

Among the most widespread myths of web design, we are going to select a few that we believe are more important. Some of them contain some reason, but none of these practices that we are going to tell you is recommended.

  • A good web design is all about making a webpage beautiful.

Web design is more than just beautifying a page. It’s not just that when one opens it, one is shocked by its amazing images and effects. It also includes important things like usability, the ability to get the message you want to convey, and optimization. What’s the use of having a beautiful page if people don’t know how to use it? Or worse thing is if your audience can’t understand what you want to say and what your website is all about. Appearance is as important as content and development.

  • The content doesn’t matter. Only the SEO

There was a time when many messy things were done to raise the positioning of the websites. But over time, the right SEO strategies made their place, thanks to the new Google algorithms. However, there are still people who only design pages with search engines in mind. In addition to being easy to find, a page has to hook the user. It is useless if many people enter and leave just as quickly.

  • The protagonists that do things are the best.

One of the web design myths is that all the multimedia novelties that come out are cool, and you have to put them all. There are pages between widgets, animations, banners, videos that start to play with the volume at full blast, and uncomfortable posters. It is very good from time to time to put some element for the user to interact with, but if you abuse them, they saturate a lot and end up leaving desperate. You have to be very careful so that your page is not like Homer Simpson’s.

This is more than one of the myths that web design is a widespread problem globally. People think that their opinion is the best and that if they like something, everyone must like it. We all have to assume that we may not be right about something and that a type of design may be more appealing to the target audience than what we had in mind. We also must assume that what the client wants comes first, even if we don’t like it, and swallow it. If it goes wrong, time will prove us right.

  • Making web pages is very easy.

The greatest of the myths of web design today. Anyone with a computer is capable of making a web page. And that is true if one has a little know-how. However, creating a web page requires planning of structure, texts, images, and multimedia elements, which involves know-how that not all of us have. A normal person can make a website and even have it look nice, but it isn’t easy to make a good performance website created by a web design professional.

Web design is a field that requires knowledge in many areas, and it is difficult for a single person to be an expert in all of them. It is best to rely on teams that perfectly cover all these aspects when making a page.

  • You can save money by designing your own website.

If you think creating your own website can help you save a lot of money, you’re wrong. Your website will always look more professional, and if a good designer develops it, it will have a bigger impact on your visitors. It is also likely to improve the long-term rate of ROI.

The amount you invest in having your website created by a professional will generate more income and fewer headaches than any attempt to make it yourself.

Web development requires a great knowledge of current web design tools and trends. As an entrepreneur or business owner, you can’t get to know them fully. Leave the technical work to the professionals so that you fully focus on succeeding in your business.

A good Web Development Company knows how to choose the right strategies to make your website do what you expect, like selling and engaging visitors.

In addition, they can also help you with other activities such as web positioning or social media management. It is vital in today’s competitive SEO-optimized world. When choosing professionals, ask if they can assist with SEO optimization and content marketing for your brand or company, or if they offer web maintenance services so that you don’t have to face problems managing your website in the future.

  • Not all websites need to be mobile-optimized

Does anyone really believe this? With the extensive use of smartphones, most people browse websites using their mobile phones. That’s why it’s crucial to have a responsive website that can be viewed on any device and is compatible with any browser.

The goals of users who visit your website through mobile are very different. They are usually looking for quick information and make quick purchases. A survey conducted by ING in 13 European countries revealed that 42% of smartphone buyers had made large purchases. Improving your website for mobile devices gives your audience a better user experience (UX) as they can navigate your site on the go. If your website doesn’t respond as it should, your bounce rate will increase, and your search engine ranking will decrease.

  • Writing content for your website is easy.

It is a big mistake, but the website’s content attracts most customers. Content strategies should always be planned in advance.

Content marketing has many benefits. It builds a solid understanding of your target audience and your competitors. It also identifies the key features and benefits, price differences, and overall value.

Writing relevant content is tedious and time-consuming. It must be keyword-optimized, well-written, valuable to the viewer, and a powerful call to action.

  • Adding more features will bring more visitors and customers

Many people believe that offering more features will bring in more customers. On the contrary, it is possible that they get lost in all the functionality and end up confused with what you intend to offer them.

The clarity of a website is compromised when you add unnecessary features. This, in turn, could trigger customers to leave your website and move on to those of your competition. You could spend time on extra features that only hurt the bottom line.

Keeping it simple is always best. Additional features can be added if customers have a clear description of your product, how it works and how it can help.

  • A good website is good enough to generate traffic.

Many people work with the misconception that creating an alluring website is enough to generate traffic. While design shouldn’t be underestimated, there are other factors to consider to increase web traffic and conversions. For example:

  • Picking and buying a sturdy domain name
  • The web server being used
  • The general accessibility of the site
  • The unique quality of the content
  • Keyword research
  • SEO (search engine optimization)

Setting clear and measurable goals by having an idea of ​​who your specific audience is will go a long way. Prioritizing these goals will also be of great help to your online marketing strategy. Remember that a good design is not the only thing your website needs.

  • Once you complete your website, it’s time to rest!

Keep in mind that developing your website is an ongoing process. Launching a website is just the beginning.

You have to regularly update your website, analyze, improve and edit content and design based on your data. You have to work a long time after launching your website.

Safety is an important factor to consider. Hacking attempts are often made by bots looking for vulnerabilities. To reduce seizures, you can follow these tips:

  • Host your website with a reputable service provider. Possibly with special hosting.
  • Regularly back up your data.
  • Use strong usernames and passwords. Avoid using “admin” or a similar username.
  • Use the two-step verification process.
  • Limit the number of failed login attempts.

Website creation requires in-depth knowledge of advanced strategies and marketing techniques, tools, and development. Don’t be misled by the above web design myths. Attract visitors and give your business the largest market share possible. Effective web design ideas are constantly evolving with browsers and tools. So it takes time and resources to improve your site and provide the best possible user experience. And the perfect way to do that is with a trusted Web Development Agency like MavenUp Creatives. Our designers will tailor the website to your needs at an affordable price.


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