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Competition is a factor of high intensity in any sector. That’s why any company needs to have a good marketing strategy, regardless of the product or service.

It is also necessary to know the most used marketing strategies to select the one that best suits your brand’s needs. You must choose the strategy that allows you to reach the audience you want and, in this way, achieve the objectives.


Marketing strategy encompasses both the methods used to create sales opportunities and how they are implemented.

This technique makes it possible to publicize and position the products or services offered. Besides, it helps to reach the target audience using the most appropriate tools and channels.


The most important objectives of a marketing strategy that should always be established are the following:

Get Recommendations: This is a more effective way to promote a brand, product, or service. If you offer the best quality, the customer is more likely to recommend it, both to family members and in their social circle, which will make it more widely recognized.

Give the Best Customer Service: One of the main objectives to achieve is customer satisfaction. If the client feels satisfied with your services, a lasting relationship can be built.

Make the brand recognizable: The more people know about the brand or product, the more successful it will be in the market.

Make the customer feel confident: By achieving this goal, companies, in addition to earning customer loyalty, can also make it a diffuser of the brand, making promotions and positive comments.

Being able to have a high share in the market:

It allows you to establish a point of comparison with the competition and design strategies that expand your presence in the market.

Promote quick purchases: This objective is achieved by focusing on customers who have brand loyalty. Without neglecting the goal of attracting new customers, the emphasis should be placed on those who always buy to have a better return on investment.

Being the favorite brand: When customers prefer a certain brand, they are more than likely to buy again.

Have a greater digital presence: Because the market is becoming more competitive and digital, marketing strategies must be based on SEO positioning. It allows you to have more visibility, both in search engines and social networks.

Being very clear about the objectives you want to achieve with marketing can make a difference.

Therein lies the importance of developing marketing strategies whose main focus is to ensure that the objectives can be realistic and measurable.


The marketing strategy depends both on the product or service and on the potential customers to whom the campaign is going to be directed. This is why you must choose between the different types that exist, according to the requirements of each particular case.

The types of marketing strategies that are most effective are:


This strategy makes it easier for potential customers to find you more easily on the Internet. Moreover, it helps to get to know the brand, products, or services you offer through content designed to answer their questions and meet their needs.

Inbound marketing is based on content marketing techniques and other strategies, such as SEO, SEM, and email marketing, in conjunction with web analytics tools.

Inbound marketing allows you to work with this entire set of tools in an integrated way. It helps to put the customer at the center of the entire process through four stages: attract, convert, close, and delight.

Each stage focuses on the discovery, consideration, decision, and post-sale. In inbound marketing, it is essential to achieve customer loyalty to consolidate the entire process.


It is a marketing strategy focused on all the phases related to the planning, creating, and distributing content for a brand or product aimed at a target audience.

The purpose of this content is to establish or improve an emotional bond with the public, creating content to:

  • Make known the characteristics, benefits, and ways of using the product.
  • Convey the values ​​of the brand or product.
  • Disseminate content that is of value to the public and allows improving or establishing links with new clients.

Content marketing not only serves to increase the reach of the brand but also:

  • Educate the customer.
  • Significantly improve the conversion rate.
  • Close ties with customers
  • Receive feedback from the end customer immediately.

This type of technique consists of sending emails indiscriminately to a database with multiple contacts that may become potential customers. It is considered a direct marketing digital communication strategy.

It is based on sending an email with a message that aims to:

  • Attract new customers,
  • Strengthen the relationship with current customers,
  • Create loyalty to the brand or product,
  • Interact with customers,
  • Increase sales,
  • Or generate trust.

Three types of objectives can be achieved with this strategy:

  1. Make the product or brand known, gaining notoriety.
  2. Achieve positioning as an expert, improving the image before the public.
  3. Sell ​​the products or services.

Marketing through email has scalability as one of its main benefits. This is because emailing is a strategy that can be applied on a large scale to reach a larger number of potential customers.


They are all the marketing activities carried out to publicize a brand or product through social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

Social networks are currently at their peak among all types of audiences, thus facilitating interaction with the target audience more personally and dynamically.

Among the tactics used in marketing on social networks is developing content for a blog or Twitter. Further, it also involves activities that make it possible to integrate different social networks, such as videos on YouTube and content on Instagram.

It is necessary to know how to adapt the networks to the needs of each company or business so that the image and positioning of the brand can be improved since this will also allow content to be disseminated more quickly, increase popularity and collect information about customers.

This type of marketing helps audience levels rise, and interested people become customers.

It is very important to understand how social networks work, as well as the response received in each of them through the analysis and evaluation of the content that is published.


It consists of advertising that is carried out on social networks.

This can be done with two types of actions:

On the one hand, organic publications, in which a photo, a video, or a contest or event is published, without an economic investment being made.

The other action is to make a paid publication to reach a much broader audience, a profile of clients beyond the usual followers of the company, or a brand profile on a certain social network.

It can be implemented in almost all social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat, YouTube, or Pinterest, among many more.

It is important to consider what type of ads can be inserted on each of the platforms. Many factors should be considered to know which social network to use.

For example:

  • Facebook and Instagram are used more in the fashion, beauty, and entertainment sectors.
  • For legal services or advice, LinkedIn and Twitter are used.
  • You must keep in mind the company’s objective, so if you want to publicize the brand or product, YouTube can be very useful for the creation of videos.

  • SEO

It is a set of techniques, disciplines, and optimization strategies that are implemented on a web page or a blog. It allows for improving the positioning in the search engines.

It is a fundamental marketing strategy for companies to stand out in the digital space by obtaining more leads, customers, and an increase in sales.

 To achieve this, websites and blogs are optimized using techniques developed to improve the web positioning of pages.

 SEO techniques show the company or business within the first results when a search is done on Google or another search engine. Consequently, you can improve your ROI and achieve your goals.

This is done by keeping in mind that most people who search only click on the results displayed on the first page of the search engine.

Therefore, the main objective of SEO is to increase the volume of organic traffic, thus guaranteeing greater visibility for web pages.

Three of the main advantages of implementing an SEO marketing strategy are:

Increase brand visibility

One of the best ways to increase brand visibility organically is by implementing an SEO strategy, which works as follows:

  • A business is responsible for offering a certain type of product.
  • A user is interested in buying that type of product, so he searches Google where he can buy it.
  • This business has an article on a blog where it talks about the characteristics of the product and other relevant information for the user. In this way, this visit is earned for the page.
  • And although the article does not talk about the sale, it is the way to start a relationship between the client and the business, which is known as the attraction stage.

Attract traffic

Many users come to the content shown to answer questions or find solutions to problems. So always create unique and informative content to attract the leads.

Thus, the more visits the page receives, the more people will know about the product and, therefore, the more likely it is to establish a sale or close a deal.

Generate sales leads

When the brand or product is known for presenting quality content, the customer creates a relationship of trust and that product or service will be the first option they consider when buying.

  • SEM

It stands for Search Engine Marketing, and it is a strategy that brings together all those actions that seek to position a brand in search engines, including SEO.

It refers only to paid advertising campaigns carried out in search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo, among others.

It contributes to improving the visibility of the brand and directing people who meet certain characteristics or a qualified audience to the website more quickly. It is a paid advertising tool.

Some of the main advantages of SEM are:

  • Its operation is much faster than SEO, offering short- and medium-term results. SEO works in the long run.
  • The SEM helps segment and take the website, especially the target audience.
  • It makes it possible to increase brand visibility.
  • Some of the SEM tools, such as Google AdWords, allow conversions to be generated and measured as well as enable you to monitor campaigns in real-time and make the necessary adjustments.
  • Small budgets can be established, which allows you to decide how much you want to spend daily. Besides, also determine the amount to pay for each click on the ad.

It allows the page to appear in search engine results, but it can also appear on other websites related to the brand.

The importance of hiring the best Digital Marketing Agency in the World

When a proper marketing strategy is established, advantages are obtained:

  • You can sell more and in a constant way.
  • It facilitates the maintenance and growth of the business or product.
  • You can find out what the target customer is looking for.
  • It allows to satisfy the needs, and the buyers’ expectations can be exceeded.
  • The relationship with the target audience becomes stronger.
  • You can build the brand.

A good marketing strategy makes the product or brand stand out from the competition, no matter what technique is used. For this reason, at MavenUp Creatives, we offer all our clients the best marketing strategies for their business. As the best Digital Marketing Agency in the world, we’ll leave no stone unturned to make you succeed. 

Through our methods, the public will not know a brand randomly but will do so thanks to a set of applied parameters so that the brand is positioned and gains the public’s trust. Have we won yours?