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How much does it cost to develop customized software?

Customizing the software has become essential for companies that need to digitize the production process. Choosing management software is complex, and companies may not adapt to market programs consistently. Because some businesses often do not fit in with the way they operate.

The best solution is to start a custom program that can perform activities such as:

  • Administrative area management,
  • Accounting area management,
  • And electronic invoicing of commercial or production areas.

But how important is developing custom software? There is no expensive or cheap product. The cost of customized software depends on the tool’s value to the company itself.

How much does it cost to create custom software?

Arguing in general, we can say that there are elements that significantly affect the cost of custom software are:

  • the complexity of the software 
  • the time needed for development
  • the number of developers to be employed on the development team
  • Developer experience writing code


Custom software

MavenUp Creatives develops customized software based on the specific needs of business problems. Therefore, the first step is to understand the type of software the company needs. After careful analysis, it will be possible to identify the best computer system to carry out the required work. It is good to highlight their characteristics and define a variable cost among the different solutions is good.

  • Desktop software installs locally on the user’s PC.

In this case, the complexity is about the need for data processing and customized graphics. Besides, its intricacy also relates to the fact that it must use particular libraries, technologies, or specialized, old, or atypical languages. In this case, the development cost can vary from around €5,000 to €15,000.

  • Web software.

In this case, the cost can be even more than 50% compared to the desktop software. Because in web software, you may need to develop a part of the back-end software and a part of the front-end software and the database. However, a web application has the enormous advantage that one can avail. It does not need to install on a device but only requires one network connection. It means that you can use them at any time and in any place where you have a network connection.

Furthermore, if you make any change to the software, the update is visible in real-time to all users. Without the need to download anything, users can avail themselves of the software changes. Because of these considerable advantages, the development cost can vary from approximately € 9,000 to € 25,000.

  • Cloud software

You can install Web software on a customer server (on-premise installation) and use it via the local network. Or it can be installed on a cloud machine set up by us, and the customer can use the application via the internet. In the latter case, in addition to the development costs, there will also be those renting the devices with the advantage. However, the customer of not have to worry about server maintenance. Hence, you can save in terms of time and resources, finances, and personnel. The additional cost of renting the devices can vary approximately from € 1000 to € 2500 per year based on the space required for application and data traffic.

  • Mobile APP

In recent years the demand for the creation of mobile apps has increased. It allows you to run customized software on smartphones. Although even web applications, if you design them well from a graphic point of view, you can access them from a smartphone. An app gives the advantage of using specific functions of the device. The realization of an APP, therefore, requires the creation of the particular product for the execution environment (IOS and Android) and a web application. That allows realizing the common and interaction functions between the various downloaded apps.

What aspects have the most significant impact on the evaluation of the cost?

  • The functions or features to create
  • Also, the devices for which to make it (IOS / Android)
  • And if you want an off-line operation (it also works in moments when internet connectivity is absent).
  • The construction cost can approximately range from € 15,000 to € 50,000 per year.
  • To all this is added the possible need to develop a website that strengthens the customer’s online presence. In summary, the main factors that influence the cost of developing a bespoke software are:
  • Analysis and design of the initial architecture
  • Graphic interface design
  • Development
  • Application type (web: front end and back end, app) (desktop: development only)
  • Database
  • Communication/data exchange with external elements
  • Cloud: machine maintenance, backup, and data traffic
  • Testing and release on customer infrastructures
  • Online presence

In conclusion, software must bring value to the company that commissions it. Notably, it must be complete, contain all the functions necessary to perform a specific job and be scalable. Besides, it must have essential components that can be extended in case of need; customizable, a solution that is 100% close to the company’s needs. The price must be adequate and sustainable according to these needs.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of choosing a custom software for business management.

The benefits of choosing a customized software

Are you not sure about switching to management software specially developed for your needs? You must understand that standard software does not offer all functions that the company could benefit from. The built-in features may have a slight discrepancy with business needs. Custom software can be perfect for improving the needs of a business, regardless of the size and scope of a company. 

The benefits of choosing a tailor-made software for business management are:

  • The ability to deal with multiple processes
  • Take care of the economic terms before development
  • Invest the right amount of money
  • Get a program that can do exactly what you want and that your business needs to improve productivity and positively affect production dramatically.

Our Custom ERP Software Development Company knows this well. And that’s why we’ve been developing customized software for every job and pocket for many years. Count on us for custom software development for your company.


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