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The Ultimate Guide to Create Digital Marketing Strategy in 2022

There has been a huge shift in short video content in 2022 alone. The rise and fall of new platforms (Like look at Meta); and the lingering effects of the global epidemic. In other words, what worked in your marketing strategy in the past may not work today.

To succeed in the fast-paced marketing world and maintain a sense of connection with your audience, staying on top of what’s going on is important.

To alleviate this uncertainty, we’ve created this guide that shows you step-by-step instructions for creating an effortless Digital marketing strategy in 2022. 

What is Digital Marketing Strategy?

A digital marketing strategy is an action plan that helps you achieve your goals through online marketing efforts. It includes creating and distributing content through websites and social networks, managing emails, blogs, etc. Creating a great strategy should not be complicated. However, it is important to consider a series of factors that will help you successfully manage and improve the process.

  • Set your goals SMART.

The “SMART goals” model will help you define their effectiveness.

Specific: The purpose should be as clear as possible. The more detailed it is, the better your understanding.

Measurable: The target must be measurable. You need to clearly define the method or system of measurement, which sets the indicators that will be used to estimate the level of achievement of the goal.

Achieving: Achieving the goal should be ambitious but not impossible. It’s about leaving your “comfort zone,” fighting for something that seems difficult but achievable because otherwise, it will lead to frustration and discouragement.

Realistic: You must have goals that can be achieved using the tools you have, within your resources, and your values ​​and motivation to achieve that goal. So, be consistent to get success.

Timeliness: You must have a specific timeline. Each goal should be defined on time as it will help you identify the different steps that will help you achieve the proposed plan.

It is important to consider that the goals of your strategy should be fully aligned with the goals and objectives of your business. That way, you avoid using valuable resources that could put you at risk.

  • Analyze your audience.

Target a specific audience to achieve a better result.

Learn to analyze your audience and that of your competition to know their tastes and needs and be able to create successful content. The challenge is to produce the perfect message, for the right audience, at the right time.

To sell, you need to know who you want to sell to. The marketing message of successful women in their 50s and 60s is very different from that of teenage girls without money.

If you don’t already have customer personas, it’s time to start building them.

Some starting points to describe your audience are the following:

    • Demographic information (age, location, income, work activity).
    • Interests, motivations, as well as aspirations.
    • Personality.
    • Consumption habits.
    • Habits of use of the Internet and other means.
  • Analyze your competition.

This is a way to identify strengths and weaknesses in the market that will prevent you from repeating what others have already done wrong.

Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Who is my competitor?
  • What is the quality of the product or service they offer?
  • What are your marketing and sales strategies?

Identify user opinions, and read discussion forums, reviews, and comments on social networks. Identify the areas of opportunity that your business has to differentiate itself. Besides, make your strategy to be able to enhance your virtues and take advantage of the current situation of your competition.

  • Set your Budget

This is our number one secret to allocating your budget to digital marketing: find out what you can actually use.

A successful marketing strategy can be developed from almost any budget, but you need to know what you can invest.

Hence,  keep in mind that your digital marketing budget should be considered an investment.

It all depends on ROAS.

What is ROAS for Digital Marketing? ROAS means “Reimbursement of Ad spends.” ROAS is a unit that measures your revenue for every buck spent on digital advertising.

  • Optimize the user experience.

Reduce the elements that can generate frustration or discomfort for your visitors. Design a clear and simple route for your clients to fulfill their objective, as well as language that is attractive and easy to understand. That way, you will be able to have powerful messages and functional platforms.

  • Define continuous improvement tests.

Testing and improving is the quintessential dichotomy of the digital world. Using user behavior measurement tools allows you to effectively integrate the results of your tests as well as experiments into your digital product or service.

Sometimes the smallest variations, such as a change in the size of the font, the color of a button, or the change of position of a call to action (in the case of a website), are enough to achieve exponential results in the fulfillment of the objectives of your website.

  • Constantly measure and analyze the results.

Following the line of the strategy and taking into account the objectives set at the beginning, it is time to start measuring the results. The ideal is to measure a series of both quantitative as well as qualitative aspects.

  • Check if your audience remembers your brand message.
  • Evaluate the consumer’s clarity regarding your product or service.

Identify your KPIs (key performance indicators) and periodically compare the results of your efforts concerning the fulfillment of your objectives.

Finally, represent this information graphically in a “conversion funnel” where you can clearly review the digital marketing strategy’s return on investment (ROI). This will allow you to visualize the results “beyond” the results in “likes” or the “reach” of your brand. And so, optimize the results so that they are better and better.

The Importance of Digital Marketing

As you can see, digital marketing is a valuable asset to your business growth and helps you stay on the digital channels where your customers are.

When you invest in digital marketing, you help your business grow. But if you want to know more reasons, let’s take a look at:

  • Take advantage of the digital boom.

Your target audience is browsing online for various products and services. And if you are not on this list of options, there is a risk that you will lose valuable customers and leave them behind their competitors.

  • You are targeting your ideal audience through the right channels.

Digital marketing ensures that you reach the right target group through the channels on which you spend most of your time.

You can now enter important information about your audience before launching an ad or campaign to target your audience better. This makes it easier to create the desired effect and gives you more opportunities to grow your business.

  • You can track and trace your campaigns in real-time.

Another great feature is quickly tracking your ROI to determine if you are getting the results you expect or when to make changes.

  • You get a higher ROI.

Digital marketing is paying off, and e-mail marketing is the most lucrative. In addition, e-mail has proven to be twice as influential as cold calling.

This great opportunity comes because digital marketing is very worthwhile in many ways. Depending on your business goals, you don’t need to invest heavily to run a successful campaign (like traditional marketing).

  • You can change it at any time.

Digital marketing is essential to businesses because it gives them more control over the quality of their campaigns. You can make the necessary changes in your career without spending too much.

Wrapping Up

After all, creating the perfect marketing strategy doesn’t happen overnight. With time, effort, and dedication, make sure you can reach them anytime. However, you can hire a digital marketing agency to help your business succeed on the online network.

Our digital marketing is an important business asset. When working with a Digital Marketing Agency, you need to find effective and reliable partners. At MavenUp Creatives, we’ve experience team developers, designers, and social media marketers, who will go whole the nine yards to make you succeed.


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