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6 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Are Failing

Has your ad performance dropped, and you don’t know why? This could be due to unawareness of the A/B test, poor targets, or the use of the same graphics. In this article, we’ll cover the 8 most common reasons your Facebook ads failed.

  • You only use static content.

Is your advertising image the only thing that matters to you? In that case, a simple update is required. Dynamic content works much better than static content on social networks. If you’re flooded with images, videos and GIFs will quickly engage your viewers in the ad. In fact, animated content helps tell the story that the viewer wants to know more about.

Okay! It’s true videos are expensive and time-consuming. In this case, choose ads with gifs instead. There are several applications to create them easily, such as Gifboom, Cinemagram, or Gif Camera.

  • You do not run your ads on multiple platforms.

If you only show ads on Facebook, it often costs more. As a result, you ignore other sites like Instagram and Audience Network. To get profitable and effective results, you need to send your ads to various forums.

Let’s look at an example. Suppose you want to sell shorts with a budget of $ 80. By placing ads on Facebook and Audience Network, we will process 17 shorts, and the average price of shorts will be 74.71.

On the other hand, broadcasting on Facebook alone will reduce sales and increase your ads’ value. That way, you can sell 16 shorts at an average price of $5 per pair of shorts.

By running your ad on only one platform, you can avoid other cheaper opportunities. Improve ROI for advertising by spanning multiple platforms.

  • You don’t update your content.

Successful advertisers update their ad content at least every two weeks. This approach can enhance advertising fatigue. It happens when the viewer ignores it because they saw it too much. If you continue to get tired of advertising, increase the cost and reduce the frequency, business, and ROI.

Looking for a cheap and economical solution? Content updating is essential. Here are some tips:

  • Review the text
  • Add or remove price details, emojis, and product or brand names.
  • Switch from first person to third person and vice versa.
  • Change the verbalism of CTAs
  • Turn statements into questions and vice versa
  • Edit image
  • Add filters, text, stickers, original backgrounds, and other existing effects
  • Add or remove the brand logo
  • Turn current photos and videos into gifs
  • Switch between different ad formats
  • Switch between the ad formats offered by Facebook: a single image, a video, a carousel, a slideshow, and canvases.
  • Too much text on the image.

The Facebook News Feed includes lots of photos, captions, videos, and more. If your ads aren’t designed to attract an audience, you can’t ignore them.

You need to compliment yourself with images, copy, and ad text for the ad to work. People have already been busy scrolling through photos of their friends, relatives, and even acquaintances. They ignore your ad if nothing is interesting.

  • You don’t do A/B testing.

A/ B testing is the only ace way to generate a better-performing Facebook ad. Otherwise, how do you know which ad works best or which one is the most lucrative?

You can test two CTAs, two images, two texts, or two targets. For example, Sketchdeck is an online web design tools company. It experimented with many images and found that textless images worked better. It also shows that women’s advertising works better than men’s. Similarly, images without a logo work better than images without a logo. Using the A / B test, Sketchdeck determined which ads were more profitable.

  • You are not targeting your audience well.

It is not all about updating content on a regular basis, posting on multiple platforms, or updating every two weeks. If your targeting is not good, your FB ad will fail.

Targeting is perhaps the most imperative part of your campaign. It helps you to decide who can see your ads. Do it right, and your ads will be shown to people who are most likely to react to your offer. Do it wrong, and your ads will be shown to indifferent internet users. Good targeting means you have to do details targeting to make your ads succeed.

For example, you want to focus on local retail businesses. You must first enter your address and specify the radius on the “Location” tab. Next, in the “detailed targeting,” you will need to add “retail” in the “B2B” category. Finally, you need to choose who can see your ads, such as CEOs, Founders, or even Store Owners.

Suppose you intend to sell a specialized course that applies only to candidates with a bachelor’s degree for admission. Targeting a high school student with this ad doesn’t help because they have nothing to do with him.

Keep your audience in mind, don’t limit it to a few, and don’t spread it to a large number.

If you know your target audience and have complete control over how to do a detailed target accurately, your ads will reach a mature audience.

  • You don’t influence lookalike audiences.

With a good audience, you can focus your ad on existing customers. But this is not enough. If you do not reach your target audience, you will not be able to promote your campaign effectively.

Rather than broaden your targeting (which makes it less detailed) to reach a larger audience, use Facebook Lookalike Audiences. This feature allows you to reach Internet users similar to your existing customers and, therefore, a more qualified audience. If you want to get more customers without targeting the same audience, there is a risk that you will show your ads to people who don’t change.

  • Wrong Ad Placement

Place ads where you like. Your ad may include good ad copies and images, but not all ads will work properly if placed in a specific location.

If your ad is for a product that the average person uses every day, it’s good to include your ad in your Facebook news feed, including mobile users.

If the purpose of your ad is to sell something that people don’t buy every day, you can post it on Facebook Marketplace, where people are going to buy. For example, a used car dealer may add Facebook Marketplace to the list. Such products are more likely to find buyers through news feeds.


Facebook ads have the potential to sell everything around you. This is a great platform to grow your business if you consider the drawbacks of using it.

Always keep a clear view of your buyer’s intentions. Create ads with elements that interest your target audience. Contact us if you are looking for a Facebook advertisement.